Everything you need to know following the NCU’s AGM

The Northern Cricket Union held their AGM at Shaw’s Bridge on Wednesday night and a new chairman was elected with Sam Beckett taking over from Alan Waite.

Waite, who stood down after three years in the role, will remain on the board as Director of Domestic Cricket while Peter McMorran is the new vice-chairman.

The full board is: Sam Beckett (Chairman), Peter McMorran (Vice-Chairman), Kailash Chada (Hon Treasurer), Alan Waite (Director of Domestic Cricket), Alastair Burton  (Director of Finance and Sponsorship), Allan Rutherford (Director of Representative Cricket), Roger Bell (Club Nominee), Stephen Dyer (Club Nominee), Brian Walsh (Club Nominee), Rosemary Bryans (Independent Director), Michael Humphreys (Independent Director), Ken Nixon (Independent Director).

Eight motions were discussed during the meeting, with six of them being carried. They were:

Serial 2:

Rule A10 – In sub-section (d), replace ‘four’ with ‘two’.

Add new sub-section ‘(e) additionally, a club with six teams shall star for its 5th XI the next seven players normally selected for the 4thXI.’

[This would reduce from nine to seven the total number of players to be starred for the 4th XI of a club with five teams and introduce a corresponding provision for clubs with six teams.]

Serial 3:

Rule A13 – Add new second sentence ‘A player who was de-starred because of absence or injury shall, before playing again, be re-starred at a level appropriate to his playing ability.’

[This would require the immediate re-starring at an appropriate level of any player returning after having been previously de-starred because of absence or injury.]

Serial 4:

Rule A13 – In final sentence replace ‘this rule’ with ‘starring requirements’ and add at end ‘or the Competitions Committee’.

[This would extend to the Competitions Committee the Domestic Cricket Development Directorate’s existing power to impose forfeiture of points and/or elimination from cup competitions where starring requirements have been breached.]

Serial 5:

Rule F7 – After third sentence add ‘(this provision shall also apply where the more senior team has failed to fulfil a fixture in the Irish Senior Cup, Irish National Cup or Ulster Plate)’

[This would extend the scope of the penalty of loss of points by more junior teams playing on the same day to instances where a more senior team has failed to fulfil a fixture in an inter-provincial cup competition.]

Serial 6:

Rule F12 – Amend first sentence to read ‘After each match, the winning team where a result has been achieved, or the home team where no play has taken place or the match has been tied or abandoned, shall:’

[This would transfer the responsibility for submitting result reports from the home team to the winning team in respect of matches where a positive result has been achieved.]

Serial 8:

Rule G29 – Replace ‘48 hours’ with ‘24 hours’.

[This would reduce the advance notice period for playing a full-length (50-over or 40-over) Match 2 from 48 to 24 hours.]

The only serial (Serial 7) that was lost was the one put forward by Derriaghy Cricket Club, who were looking to reduce the normal amount of overs in Section One and Two cricket to 40 overs while teams could still agree to play a 50-over game in advance if they desired.

Serial 1, which would increase the number of 1st XI players to be starred from eight to ten for clubs with two teams whose 2nd XI plays in one of the bottom three Sections of the Junior League, was withdrawn by the board.

The issue of Premier League fixtures not going ahead during Inter-Provincial tournaments was raised and the Domestic Cricket Directorate and Board are set to make a decision on it.

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